Taste Award Winning Wines At The Foothill Wine Fest

table with a row of wine and wine glasses

By Elizabeth Smith

Dive into the world of Sierra Foothill wines and learn which vintages soared as the judges uncovered exceptional flavors. Join us on a journey through the finest wines, celebrating the best of the region and anticipating a tantalizing public event on November 11th.

Cheers to Excellence: Foothill Wine Festival Declares Top Wines of 2023

Discover the finest wines of 2023 at the Foothill Wine Festival, where Gwinllan Estate’s 2019 Sparkling Rosé reigns supreme as the Best Sparkling and Best of Show. This year’s competition showcases remarkable vintages, including Casino Mine Ranch’s “Flicka” and Jeff Runquist’s Charbono, recognized as the Best White and Best Red, respectively.